New Balance Model #

What do the model numbers mean?

Answer ID 58   |    Published 11/03/2006 01:32 PM   |    Updated 09/11/2013 02:14 PM
What do the model/style numbers mean?
The model/style number is simply the name of our shoe. Typically our shoes that are “higher-numbered” feature more technologies, however, that is not true in all shoe styles.  When deciding on a particular shoe, you should consider the activity you will be participating in and your individual needs.

The full model number to your shoes can be found inside the tongue of the shoes.  The New Balance model numbers are broken down into three parts.

The letters prior to the number designate the gender and the purpose the shoe was designed for.

MR = Men’s Running

WR = Women’s Running

MT = Men’s Trail
WT = Women’s Trail
MO = Men’s Outdoor
WO = Women’s Outdoor
MW = Men’s Walking
WW = Women’s Walking
MX = Men’s Cross-Training
WX = Women’s Cross-Training
CT / MC = Men’s Tennis
WCT / WC = Women’s Tennis
KJ = Kid’s Running
KV = Kid’s Running with hook and loop closure system
KT = Kid’s Tennis
KX = Kid’s Cross-Training
RC = Racing Comp

**Sometimes the model number will start with a “CW” or “CM” which means you have a custom shoe.

The numbers on a running shoe specify the type of shoe it is.

40 (Optimal Control) =Supported by Medical and Podiatric experts, shoes in this category provide maximum control, stability, cushioning and support for biomechanical needs such as pronation or low arches

50 (Fitness Running) =For training on roads or for indoor workouts, the 50 series offers the combination of visual attitude and innovation with the responsiveness and power athletes need.

60 (Stability) =Designs that offer industry-leading stability to reduce pronation while also providing unparelleled cushioning and comfort.

70 (Light Stability) =70 series shoes offer the perfect combination of stability and speed, all in a lighter, sleek profile designed for runners who train at a faster pace.

80 (Neutral) =For high-mileage runners who require light shoes and the protection of superior cushioning.

90 (Speed) =For faster runners who want every advantage, including a superior ride and fit. The choice trainers for professional and non-professional speed and distance runners.

00 (Competition) =Racing flats and spiked shoes that define high performance. Competition-level footwear for athletes who want to maximize performance, set records and win gold.

The letters after the numbers generally designate the color of the shoe.  For example, WB would be White/Blue and BK would be Black.  There are exceptions to this.  For example; in the model MR1123MC, the “MC” designates that it is a motion control shoe.

See the picture below for an example of the model number listed on the inside of the tongue of the shoe:


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