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win8.1 dolby音效

January 2, 2014




更新声卡驱动,浏览位置并选择C:\Windows\System32\DriverStore\FileRepository \hdaudio.inf_…,也就是刚刚的位置一 ,提示驱动未签名是正常的,直接点确定,这时你的声音应该正常了
5, 安装dolby驱动,直接安装x64(x86)文件下的DTPC.msi,其他msi不用管


所 以还需要做一下操作,先声明这个从左会出现水印 BaiduShurufa_2013-11-2_22-49-4.png ,如果有洁癖的,我只能说抱歉了,这个不适合你,除非你找到可以去除水印的工具,否则你就不得不进入这个测试模式,才能保证你的声卡驱动正常工作,因为 x64必须要求驱动签名
接下来我说一下操作过程,首先以管理员启动命令行,输入:bcdedit.exe -set TESTSIGNING ON

这样可以开启测试模式,然后使用下面的DSEO工具对HdAudio.sys进行签名,打开DSEO,选择Sign a System File,接下来输入完整的文件路径,也就是,位置一和位置二下的HdAudio.sys,签完名之后,继续重复步骤3


hp laptop kubuntu sound issue

October 12, 2010


.. the alsa developers have a solution for this issue:

When you boot you get no sound from your internal laptop speakers though you do get sound from the headphone jack.

The cause, according to some alsa developers, is an incorrect ‘pin’ assignment (in the BIOS, perhaps) whereby sound output meant for the internal speakers gets routed to the wrong place.

If you have an HP dv4, dv5, and perhaps a dv7 model series laptop, you may have this issue.

The latest alsa-driver snapshot provides a fix for this issue. I’m listening to a Keith Jarrett jazz cd right now through the internal speakers of my HP Pavilion dv4 1225 laptop after downloading, compiling, and installing the latest snapshot. You can get it here:…napshot.tar.gz

After downloading and gzip/tarring the files, you’ll need sudo privileges to:

#> ./configure --enable-dynamic-minors
#> make
#> sudo make install-modules
#> sudo vim /etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base
[add 'options snd_hda_intel model=hp-dv5' sans quotes to the bottom of the file, even if you have a dv4, etc.]
#> sudo reboot

After restart, you should have sound from the laptop speakers.

If you do not, you should consider the alsa developers your best resource. They have some tools you can use to discover what’s happening and since they write the code that goes into the kernel for the sound drivers, they can hopefully fix your problem. Just go to the alsa web site and find the alsa-devel email list and join up.

NOTE: this does not require a kernel build  I post this to the ubuntu forum with the permission of several of the alsa developers I’ve been working with.